About us
our history

Why our history is important for your journey?

Excell International Beauty Academy was established in 2010 as a beauty spa and was eventually turned into a school in 2013 after EIBA saw that there was a need in the industry to be filled by impacting knowledge and teaching others thereby raising professionals and instilling in them the required skills to establish themselves and grow. Since the school opened its doors over 10 years ago its focus has been to give the best training skills with its fees affordable for the low income earners and women who wish to support their families and also themselves.

What to Expect
at eIBA

A visit to the school will show you how family oriented we are, as we are committed to providing the best for you with an environment that is suitable for learning. You are welcome to make an appointment or to call in to see us at any time to discuss a career of your choice with our team of experienced instructors who have real life industry experience and continue to work in the industry, keeping their skills and knowledge up to date. 

We offer short courses with certificate of competency, as well as internationally recognised awards (red seal award, gold and silver awards).

our mission
Our mission is to train and lift the students to a higher vision and standard enabling them to build their skills, performance and personality beyond their normal limitations and in the process be prepared to contribute productively, responsibly, and ethically. Our courses are based on the skills and competencies that will allow students an opportunity to enter the beauty industry until they can study further or as a vocational education and training preparing them for the industry. We bridge the gap between being inexperienced and stepping into the industry.